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Forces Equine Team Members have a wonderful time at the Royal Windsor Horse Show!

The Forces Equine members were out competing and making us and their services proud.

The sun was shining and they gave it their all! The Forces Equine teams came 9th & 16th in their section, but we are one big team, so the results for our section "The Queens Plate" were as follows;

8th: South Yorkshire Police

9th: Forces Equine Police

10th: Avon & Somerset Constabulary

13th: Metropolitan Police Team

16th: Forces Equine Red Team

We had members claiming the first "Golden Ticket" which goes towards their qualification to the Forces Equine Games 2025 (website launching soon), well done to all those members #WeSaluteYou!

Congratulations to our members in gold who have secured their first "Golden Ticket" and have qualified for the 1.00-1.05m Championship class at #FEG2025. If you have been awarded a "Golden Ticket" you will need one more to qualify for your Championship Class at #FEG or be a member and qualify through our leagues. Golden Ticket holders do not need to be a member of Forces Equine until #FEG but we have massive benefits to anyone who is a Forces Equine Member.

How does this work?

The top placed Forces Equine member in each team qualifies for a "Golden Ticket". 

- SC Hollie Clark - Metropolitan Police Team

- PC Helen du Heaume - Avon & Somerset Constabulary

- LBdr Megan Benney - Forces Equine Red Team

- PCSO Emma Jo Thorpe - South Yorkshire Police Team

- PC Ruth Walker - Forces Equine Police Team

For all the RWHS 2024 results in this class, visit **NOTE: There are 3 sections;

- Working Horses Teams

- Non Working Horses Teams

- International Service Teams

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