If there is a number next to a riders name, this means they have more than one horse i.e. (2) 2nd horse

FIELD William (2) Rock On Rocara British Army Cadet Serving FEYRA ESUK 131
FIELD Edward (2) Jessy Wonder ASSOCIATE Cadet Service FEYRA 114
FIELD William (1} Abberley Rose British Army Cadet Serving FEYRA ESUK 97
FIELD Edward (1a) Abberley Rose ASSOCIATE Cadet Service FEYRA 87
HINTON Lisa (2) Holisco British Army Dependent Senior ESUK 41
MOORE Cora Guiness The Cob Royal Navy Dependent FEYRA ESUK 41
BAXTER Katie Ballyneety Roller Police Dependent FEYRA ESUK 38
RENWICK Debra (1) Jimmy Jazz Police Serving Senior/Sefton 28
FIELD William (3) Noah lll British Army Cadet Serving FEYRA ESUK 27
WILSON Joanne Leo II Police Serving Senior/Sefton 23
LEAVOLD Georgina Jimmie Police Serving Senior/Sefton 17
ALISON Katherine Ruby Tuesday Police Serving Senior/Sefton 12
RIVINGTON Amy Johnny Cash Police Dependent Senior/Sefton 10
GREEN Erika Lumbrook Lilly Police Ex-Serving Senior/Sefton 8
FIELD Edward (3) Rock On Rocara ASSOCIATE Cadet Service FEYRA 6
FISHER Lesley Polaris Police Serving Senior/Sefton 5
AYLEY Louise C U Georgeous UK Z Fire Service Serving Senior/Sefton 4
REVILL Louise (1) Cavalier Knight Civil Service Serving Senior 1
NORRIS Louise (1) Jet Set S British Army Serving Senior 1
HENDERSON Stacey Rising Style Fire Service Dependent Senior/Sefton 1
HALLIWELL-COUTTS Rebecca (1) Cosmo II British Army Ex-Serving Senior 1
ANDREWS Larirsa Livios British Army Dependent Senior 1