If there is a number next to a riders name, this means they have more than one horse i.e. (2)

VINE Caroline Diamond Buffet Royal Air Force Ex Serving Senior 68
AHRENS Sarah (2) Striking Stone British Army Serving Senior 52
BAGSHAW Charlotte Bunny Boy Civil Service Dependent Senior 42
SKIDMORE Julie Black Belt Police Serving Senior 39
VERRALL Anna Achak-Zan-Amour Police Serving Senior 36
WATKINS Seonaid Mickey Police Serving Senior 28
HASTINGS Jenna (3) Hi N Dri Police Serving Senior 23
STERROW Lisa Montreal Skyline Royal Air Force Dependent Senior 22
RANDELL Helen Ffion Dor Civil Service Serving Senior 18
PROCTOR Beth (1) Nye Flyer Police Cadets Serving FEYRA 17
MARSTON Sophia (3) Solitaire Police Dependent FEYRA 17
HANDLEY Dawn Dior British Army Ex-Serving Senior 15
LEES Annie Kopperberg Police Ex Serving Senior 11
MCKENNA Arlene (1) Made in Chine Police Serving Senior 8
RENWICK Debra (1) Jimmy Jazz Police Serving Senior 6
MILLS David Belleisle Thistledown British Army Ex-Serving Senior 6
PERCIVAL Julie Sabu Police Serving Senior 6
LEES Emily Kilcoran Dancer Royal Air Force Ex-Serving Senior 6
BAXTER Katie Ballyneety Roller Police Dependent FEYRA 5
HASTINGS Jenna (1) Ballyneety Roller Police Serving Senior 5
WRATTEN Philippa (3) Regal du rouet Police Serving Senior 4
NICHOLSON Jaqueline Shout Hit Out Police Serving Senior 4
SPRINGETT Julie (2) Maebe Baby UK Emergency Service Serving Senior 3
ALISON Katherine Ruby Tuesday Police Serving Senior 3
PARKER Joanne Mill Manoso UK Emergency Service Serving Senior 3
STIRLING Laura (1) Daring Dragon Royal Air Force Serving Senior 2
DU HEAUME Helen (2) Alvescot Extraodinaire Police Serving Senior 2
TOOMBES Evie High Offley Business Centre British Army Dependent FEYRA 1
STIRLING Laura (2) Polish Welcome Royal Air Force Serving Senior 1