Dressage : Novitius (Prelim) 2016/2017

If there is a number next to a riders name, this means they have more than one horse i.e. (2) 2nd horse

MILLS David Belleisle Thistledown British Army Ex-Serving Senior 62
ALISON Katherine Ruby Tuesday Police Serving Senior/Sefton UKSEO 34
HASTINGS Jenna (2) Prestwick Farm Bolero Police Serving Senior/Sefton 29
HAWKINS Thomas Kalimba Royal Air Force Ex-Serving Senior 21
AHRENS Sarah (1) Gluck Gorgeous George British Army Cadet Service Senior UKSEO 20
BAXTER Katie Ballyneety Roller Police Dependent FEYRA UKSEO 19
HASTINGS Jenna (1) Ballyneety Roller Police Serving Senior/Sefton 15
WINTER Freya Funky Free Ex Navy Dependent FEYRA UKSEO 15
LOWE Michelle (2) Millend Flyer UK EMERGENCY SERVICES Serving Senior UKSEO 14
MANSELL Arlene Made in Chine Police Serving Senior/Sefton 10
LEE-SMITH Emma Barneys Diamond Smuggle British Army Serving Senior 7
FLEMING Tracey Hold The Blues & Twos Saddle Club Member Senior 7
NICHOLSON Jaqueline Shot Hit Out Police Serving Senior/Sefton 6
REVILL Louise (2) May Star Joey Civil Service Serving Senior UKSEO 5
LEAVOLD Georgina Jimmie Police Serving Senior/Sefton UKSEO 5
AHRENS Sarah (2) Striking Stone British Army Cadet Service Senior 4
SKIDMORE Julie Black Belt (Bruce) Police Serving Senior/Sefton 3
REVILL Louise Cavalier Knight Civil Service Serving Senior UKSEO 3
WINTER Freya (2) Burnford Fountain Top Ex Navy Dependent FEYRA 2
LAMBERT Louise Spirit Police Serving Senior/Sefton 2
BAILEY Chelsey (1) RSPCA Sherman UK EMERGENCY SERVICES Serving Senior 2
HEATH FRENCH Debi Dapper Dandy B British Army Ex-Serving Senior 1
HANDLEY Dawn Dior British Army Ex-Serving Senior 1
BAILEY Chelsey (2) ADMS Albers Summer UK EMERGENCY SERVICES Serving Senior 1

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