If there is a number next to a riders name, this means they have more than one horse i.e. (2) 2nd horse

WINTER Freya Funky Free NAVY EX SERVING Dependent FEYRA 77
MOORE Rosie (1) Honey Pot The Third Royal Navy Dependent FEYRA 61
FIELD William (4) Sprite ll British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 55
RENWICK Debra (1) Jimmy Jazz Police Serving Senior/Sefton 50
HINTON Lisa (1) Ultimate II British Army Dependent Senior 38
THORPE Emma-Jo Treleaver Dashley Police Serving Senior/Sefton 25
LEE Charlotte (3) Graddus T Police Serving Senior/Sefton 25
RAFFEL Richard Eros V British Army Serving Senior 17
MOORE Rosie (2) Red Velvet Royal Navy Dependent FEYRA 17
NORRIS Louise (2) Rick O Shay British Army Serving Senior 16
FIELD William (1} Abberley Rose British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 14
LEE Charlotte (2) Hillview Farm Fergus Police Serving Senior/Sefton 12
REYNOLDS Andrew Upon Cloud Nine Police Serving Senior/Sefton 8
HOCKENHULL Georgia Blossom British Army Dependent Senior 8
FIELD William (2) Rock On Rocara British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 8
HUGHES Danielle Ricochet Police Serving Senior/Sefton 7
WATSON Izzy Glynceriog Duke Police Dependent FEYRA 6
LEE-SMITH Emma The Jays Done Right British Army Serving Senior 6
RENWICK Debra (2) Ernest Police Serving Senior/Sefton 4
FISHER Lesley Polaris Police Serving Senior/Sefton 4
HOCKENHULL Millie Marco Polo Du Preal British Army Dependent FEYRA 2
WISHART Elly (2) Cortinus Royal Marines Dependent Senior 2
FIELD Edward (2) Jessy Wonder British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 2
SLATER Samantha Omega Humbug British Army Serving Senior 1
REVILL Louise Cavalier Knight Civil Service Serving Senior 1
PLATT Joe Its Kanny British Army Ex-Serving Senior/IC League 1
HALLIWELL-COUTTS Rebecca (1) Livios British Army Ex-Serving Senior/IC League 1

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