Another go at the entertainment of chaos and fun of a quadrille


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£18 per rider

Not sure what a Quadrille is?  Four riders in the arena, learn and then ride a pre-set routine of moves (don’t panic about learning the routine – I will be there to remind you!!) and YES there will be MUSIC.

Still not sure what a Quadrille is? Take a look at this   -  we are starting with 4 horses but this could give us something to work towards!

What do you need to ride Quadrille? A horse that you can ride in walk and trot (we may attempt canter if everyone is vaguely in control!), to know the letters of the dressage arena, to know your left from your right and most of all: a good sense of humour!

You can either come with three friends to make your own quadrille or enter as a pair/individual and I will make up a group.

Entry form and directions:


All our clinics book up very fast, to ensure your place please enter asap.

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