FIELD Edward (2) Jessy Wonder British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 156
FIELD William (3) Noah lll British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 139
RENWICK Debra (1) Jimmy Jazz Police Serving Senior 130
CHAPMAN Parys Carga Socks Police Dependent Senior 93
FIELD William (2) Rock On Rocara British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 69
HASTINGS Jenna (1) Ballyneety Roller Police Ex-Serving Senior 67
HARDY Julie (1) Hey Boy Police Dependent Senior 66
FIELD Edward (1a) Abberley Rose British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 66
TOOMBES Evie High Offley Business Centre British Army Associate FEYRA 65
FIELD William (4) Sprite II British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 58
HINTON Lisa (2) Holisco British Army Ex Serving Senior 54
MARSTON Sophia (2) Blackstown Spot On Police Dependent FEYRA 53
SUTTON Ryley Wild Justice British Army Associate Senior 35
JOHNSON Diane The Ginger Ninja Police Serving Senior 30
HINTON Lisa (1) Ultimate British Army Ex Serving Senior 27
MARSTON Sophia (1) Meiklekims Secret Police Dependent FEYRA 26
HARDY Julie (4) Hertog Jan Police Dependent Senior 20
HARDY Julie (3) Calimand Hivett Z Police Dependent Senior 19
BAXTER Katie Ballyneety Roller Police Dependent FEYRA 17
SHARPE Jennifer (1) Lawford Rockstar Civil Service Ex-Serving Senior 16
THORPE Emma-Jo Treliver Dashley Police Serving Senior 15
BAILEY Chelsey (2) ADMS Albers Summer UK EMERGENCY SERVICES Serving Senior 15
FIELD William (6) Koningshoek Mistique British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 13
SHARPE Jennifer (2) Classic Frosties McCoy Civil Service Ex-Serving Senior 11
MATTHEWS Graeme (1) Sweet Touch II British Army Serving Senior 10
WILSON Joanne Leo Police Serving Senior 8
FIELD Edward (3a) Rock On Rocara British Army Cadet Service FEYRA 3
BROWN Gavin (5) Out Cry British Army Dependent Senior 3
LEES Emily Kilcoran Dancer Royal Air Force Ex-Serving Senior 2

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